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Services for disabled or reduced mobility travellers (PRM passengers)

In compliance with the Regulation of the European Parliament (EC) 1107/206, Alicante Airport offers free attention and assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PMR).

This service is available to passengers whose mobility is limited due to a physical or mental disability (sensory or mobility, permanent or temporary), due to advanced age or due to any disability requiring specific attention. Minors with reduced mobility must be accompanied, as the service does not include care and custody of minors.

The service must be requested at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to guarantee the quality of the service.

* Special needs
If you are looking for information about passengers with special needs due to pregnancy, injuries, special care, babies and/or children traveling on their own, etc., please check out additional information about passengers with special needs at .

PRM Services for passengers with reduced mobility

This service is free and can be requested through Aena service Barrier Free.

Telephone number (+34) 91 321 10 00, from 07:00 to 24:00,
or by sending an email to

Contact for people with hearing and/or speech impairment: Aena has an information and customer service line for passengers with hearing and/or speech impairment. This services allows users with these impairments to contact the Information and Customer Service Line from their computer, tablet or smartphone without the need for other people to act as their intermediaries. The service is available from 07:00 to 24:00.

Request assistance


  • It is necessary to request the assistance service at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • It is recommended to arrive at the airport two and a half hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Request your PRM service when you book your flight online or at an agency.
  • Passengers requiring this service must notify the airline and inform them if the passenger is travelling with a wheelchair or other equipment.

PRM meeting points

Upon arrival at the airport, go to your airline's check-in desk or go directly to the service desk. PRM meeting points are distributed inside and outside the Alicante airport main Passenger Terminal and in the airport parking areas.

Passenger Terminal NAT - Alicante airport

PMR meeting points

Outside sidewalk. Bus Station. Totem Number 6.
Exterior arrivals sidewalk. Totem Number 2.
Sidewalk departures Totem Number 4.
Floor 2. Public area security checks.

PMR meeting points information stands

PMR information office baggage claim.
Check-in PMR attention office.
Information office PMR boarding.

Parkings Parking

PMR meeting points at parking areas

Parking P1, parking south hall. Totem Number 3.
Parking P1, parking north hall. Totem Number 1.

Rights and complaints

If you wish to give us suggestions about the provided service, or if you wish to make a complaint because you consider that you were not treated adequately during this service, or because you were denied the access to your flight unjustifiably, please consult the following page of Complaints Service for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) at .